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Come See Us at EAA Air Venture 2022

The choice is yours! Clean your aircraft with traditional solvent-based cleaners that clean well – but may pose a risk to your health, your machine, and the environment. Or, use new aqueous (water) based cleaners like Premalux’s Surge Aircraft Cleaner.

Visit the Surge Industrial booth at EAA Air Venture 2022, July 25 through 31 in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin to learn all there is to know about the product. Simply put, it is safer for the end user and environment. We are at the same booth as last year, Booth 4084. Stop buy and see additional Surge cleaners, including new, improved disposable cleaning wipes, hard surface cleaner and more. Or, shop for Surge cleaners at the EAA Fly Market, sales tent 794.

The Surge water-based aircraft cleaner, like all Surge cleaners, is:

· An aqueous (water-based) cleaner

· Biodegradable

· Uses no harsh chemicals

· Non-Hazardous

· Non-Toxic

· Non-Corrosive

· Non-Flammable

· VOC Compliant

· Easy to Rinse

· Safe to use on virtually all water-safe surfaces

· Safe for the end user and the environment

· Considered safe and residential sewer-able

Conforms To:

· Boeing Spec D6-17487 Revision T: Exterior and General Cleaners and Liquid Waxes, Polishes and Polishing Compounds

· Douglas CSD #1, Type 1: Ground Purpose Cleaner

· AMS 1526C: Cleaner for Aircraft Exterior Surfaces, Water-Miscible, Pressure-Spraying Type

· Airbus Industrie AIMS 09-00-002 (Issue 3, July 2011): Exterior and General Cleaners Table 1: Requirements.

All Surge products are manufactured by Premalux, a Woman-Owned small business, located in Aurora, Ohio. The company creates, manufactures and supplies high-performance aqueous (water-based) cleaning products. Related services include private labeling and custom manufacturing through our subsidiary, Accublends LLC, a full-service toll blender and contract manufacturing operation.


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