Excitement & Optimism for The New Year

As 2020 comes to a close, Premalux is looking forward to 2021 with excitement and optimism. What’s to come in 2021:

· Continued promotion of newly released Surge Industrial Aircraft cleaner:

o The high-performance water-based cleaner degreaser is effective in removing dirt, grease, insects, and residues from aircraft exteriors – from the windshield, the body, down to the landing gear. The biodegradable product meets Boeing D6-17487 Rev T; Douglas CSD #1, Type I; AMS 1526C; and Airbus AIMS 09-00-002 specifications. The product also performs extremely well for general cleaning applications and metalworking.

· New product roll outs:

o The HVAC Coil Cleaner which will be making its debut in January is a water-based solution that removes dirt, grease, grime, bugs, and other particulates from outdoor evaporators and condensers while being safe for the people and the environment. It has already drawn favorable reviews from HVAC professionals. One of the companies testing our product wrote, “The technician who tested the product has done many coil cleanings over the years and said that this product was very effective, without the negative side effects (burning of the skin) that he normally has with standard coil cleaning products.”

o A new Multi-Purpose Towel expected to be available early next year will replace our existing SIHW 0075 product. The need for PPE and supply-chain interruptions made our popular work towels impossible to supply. After much looking, we found a towel to take its place. The new towel is stronger, thicker and tougher, and will be available in an 85-count canister (10 more towels than the current SIHW 0075). Go to https://www.surgeindustrial.com/newtowel to learn more about the product and sign up to receive notification of product availability.

o As a recipient of The Ohio PPE Retooling & Reshoring Grant Program, Premalux will have the ability to manufacture its own line of gel hand sanitizer. The grant allows Premalux to upgrade it’s facility to allow the mixing and bottling of higher viscosity products. The build out is currently under way with the goal of manufacturing the new gel hand sanitizer the first quarter of 2021.

· Expanding services and capabilities within our toll blending, custom manufacturing, and private label offerings:

o Premalux’s subsidiary Accublends LLC, a full-service toll blender and contract manufacturer of high-performance aqueous solutions, will be expanding its services and capabilities to include production of higher viscosity products, wipes, and in-house label printing. More services and capabilities will be added throughout the year. Go to https://www.accublends.com/ to learn more about Accublends and keep up to date with changes as they happen.