PhantomPro Laundry Detergent’s New Quad Action Technology will take your hunt to the next level. The power lifting formula obliterates odors such as human scent and cigarette smoke, and decimates dirt, blood, and grass stains. It contains no U.V. Brighteners to keep you undetected by those big game trophies. PhantomPro’s new technology also preserves your clothing without the use of softeners, even when air dried!



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PhantomPro Laundry Detergent - 32 oz.

SKU: PHLD 0032
    • Obliterates odors such as human scent and tobacco, and keeps your scent undetectable
    • No U.V. Brighteners keeping your clothes from reflecting and alerting game
    • Softens clothing without the use of fabric softeners even when air dried
    • Lifts away tough stains such as blood and grass with ease
    • Eliminates body oil and perspiration build up when used regularly
    • Does not harm skin
    • Biodegradable
    • 32 oz. Bottle
    • 1 ounce per load
    • For all machines including HE
    • Only one rinse necessary

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