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2023 Mixing by Premalux

As we move into the new year, Premalux is busy mixing cleaning products, mainly for Surge Industrial and its line of aqueous (water-based) industrial cleaning products. The neutral based solutions are tough on dirt and grime but safer on people and the environment than traditional solvent-based cleaning products. While we are always mixing up something new, here are some current top items for Surge Industrial.

  • Disposable, pre-moistened, multi-purpose towel continues to gain in popularity. The tough, smooth-on-one-side, abrasive-on-the-other (pictured above), disposable cloths (wipes) offer extreme cleaning and degreasing power. Available in canisters of 85, twelve-by- eight inch wipes moistened with non-toxic, neutral pH Surge Industrial Hard Surface cleaner. Watch how well it works. NSF rated for food surface areas. Loved by mechanics, repairmen, maintenance workers and more. Easily removes dirt and grime from machinery and work tools. Dirt adheres to towel and does not smear over the surface. Users comment that they like the thick dirt holding cloths and the extra scrubbing power of the abrasive side.

  • Continued promotion of Surge Industrial Aircraft Cleaner is drawing interest. The high-performance water-based cleaner degreaser is effective in removing dirt, grease, insects, and residues from aircraft exteriors – from the windshield, the body, down to the landing gear. The biodegradable product meets Boeing D6-17487 Rev T; Douglas CSD #1, Type I; AMS 1526C; and Airbus AIMS 09-00-002

The non-toxic cleaner also performs ​extremely well for general cleaning applications and metalworking. It drew a lot of interest during the recent

PRI (Performance Racing Industry) Trade Show as a car parts cleaner, and pleasure boat owners say they like its cleaning power.

  • Surge Industrial HVAC Coil Cleaner is making inroads into the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning markets. The water-based solution removes dirt, grease, grime, bugs, and other particulates from outdoor evaporators and condensers while being safe for the people and the environment. It has already drawn favorable reviews from HVAC professionals. One of the companies testing our product wrote, "The technician who tested the product has done many coil cleanings over the years and said that this product was very effective - without the negative side effects (burning of the skin) that he normally has with standard coil cleaning products."

What is new for this year? Developing a line of hypochlorous products – known for its sanitizing properties - for oil well fracking and agricultural industries. And, watch for a new artificial grass cleaner. Deionized water for business, commercial, and industrial uses is also available.

All Premalux Surge Industrial products are available for private labeling in small or large batches. Or, if you have a product you would like mixed or tweaked, Premalux Surge’s sister company, Accublends, offers state-of-the-art toll (private) blending. Contact us at or 330.995.4000 to learn more.


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